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Linq3 is committed to securing customer information as well as maintaining the integrity of lottery transactions. To achieve this, Linq3 utilizes a state of the art multi-tiered security protocol that ensures transaction data is not compromised. Included in the system is a check and balance that employs internal and external (third party) redundancy and verification.

Linq3's technology has been designed and built with three fundamental features; security, reliability and availability, and performance and scalability. Linq3's data centers are housed in SAS70-compliant facilities, which provide a high level of physical security, including onsite guards, multiple forms of verification for access, and visual monitoring. Furthermore, all data center equipment is secured within locked cabinets under recorded video surveillance. Connectivity is provided over multiple carriers to ensure availability if one carrier should have an outage. This includes both Linq3's external and private (MPLS) connections. All Linq3 equipment and data is under Linq3 control. No systems are hosted by another entity and no data or transactions reside in "the cloud".


Linq3's PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Tier 1 Status is Payment Industry's Highest

The primary requirement for processing credit and debit transactions is PCI compliance. PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) allows Tier 1 compliance as its highest security threshold. This standard requires auditing, access control, system design and other system maintenance that is higher than lower levels of compliance. As Linq3 processes the transaction, it maintains PCI DSS Tier 1 certification. Linq3 combines the key goals of the PCI Data Security Standard and its own internal stadards to establishing physical security, network security and system software security.

Linq3's multiple lottery operator integration is a first in the industry. Linq3 has secure transaction integration with two of three national lottery operators and is currently scoping with the third. This secure integration allows for lottery purchasing, logging and winner verification throughout the forty-four lottery sanctioned states. Linq3's platform for processing and communication for lottery transactions is state of the art and has been presented and vetted by the MUSL (Multi State Lottery Association).

For further security detail on the Linq3 system please contact us.