Linq3 provides a fast, convenient and secure way to play and win on-the-go.

For lotteries

With lottery revenue growth a perpetual challenge, Linq3 has found a new way to bring the lottery to more consumers in a more convenient way. By doing this, Linq3 delivers powerful marketing and helps state lotteries increase their reach, engaging new players and bringing them back to play again and again.

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For partners

Through our partners, Linq3 brings state lotteries, retailers and consumers together with a solution that attracts new players with the excitement of “gamer” technology. And by helping us drive up retailer lottery sales, our partners open up a new way to generate revenue.

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For retailers

Retailers are always looking for a competitive edge to increase sales. Take the convenience store sector as an example. With on average 70% of fueling customers never going inside the convenience store, Linq3’s Play at the Pump™ technology taps into a brand new market for lottery sales. This new source of incremental revenue helps retailers lift sales with no additional capital expenditure.

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For consumers

Today’s consumers look very different from just a few years ago. They’re busier, more tech savvy, but still concerned about the security of their personal data. Linq3 delivers a way to play the lottery that’s fun, easy, secure and convenient!

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Murphy USA Case Study

The proof is in the performance for this retailer.

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