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Linq3 for lotteries

Linq3's solutions address the three perpetual challenges faced by state lotteries – increasing distribution, diversifying the player base, and driving incremental sales.

Our innovative products, delivered through high profile strategic partners, are transforming the way lotteries sell and players play.

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Linq3 for partners

Linq3 partners with industry leaders in the lottery, retail, and online payments sectors to create innovative, consumer-focused products that are transforming the lottery business. By helping to drive lottery sales, our partners are contributing to the great causes that lotteries support while generating new revenues for themselves.

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Linq3 for retailers

Retailers are always on the lookout for opportunities to increase revenue and build better relationships with their customers. For retailers, Linq3 creates innovative products that entice customers to visit the store, generate new revenue opportunities, and provide a new platform for customer engagement.

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Linq3 for consumers

Digital transformation is driving consumer transformation, and digital trends are shaping the future or retail in every sector. Linq3 and our partners are focused on delivering lottery products, services and experiences that meet the needs and expectations of today's and tomorrow's lottery players.

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