Responsible Play

Innovation for lottery play and distribution is valuable only if it protects the integrity of the transaction and protects the safety of the player. The Linq3 platform enables new types of player safety, it adheres to, and in many cases goes beyond existing responsible play thresholds.

Play Limits

All Linq3 terminals employ a daily play limit per player. This daily limit is mandated by lottery jurisdiction and administered by Linq3. The daily play limit is a key feature offered to lotteries that represents a significant enhancement to their responsible play capabilities.

Age Control

Linq3 provides a variety of age control features. The threshold for age controls are based on terminal placement, terminal type and existing controls at the retail venue. The age controls include age gating (utilizing kiosk and online industry standard screens for age) as well as other methods. All Linq3 programs operate within the rules and regulations of the state lottery jurisdiction and any applicable game regulations.

Player Resources

Through extensive customer service resources, Linq3 provides 800 numbers, helpful links and web access to responsible play information.