Linq3 brings the lottery into the 21st century with technology that offers today’s consumers what they expect – to get what they want, wherever they are.

Our patented solution is simple to implement, compliant, secure and reliable – and integrates with all major lottery equipment providers. Here’s how it works:


Step One

Our technology enables consumers to conveniently play draw-based lottery games while performing other everyday transactions, like pumping gas, withdrawing cash from an ATM or checking out at the grocery store. With Linq3, it’s all about making that one activity you never get around to doing – playing the lottery – quick & easy.


Step Two

Our lottery playing solution is all about convenience. We securely store the consumers’ quick pick numbers, issue a text to them for easy reference, and post-draw, perform an automatic check against the winning numbers on their behalf.


Step Three

If you’re one of the lucky winners, all winnings less than $600 are automatically redeemed to the payment card used to buy the ticket.

With Linq3, the lottery is at consumers’ fingertips, wherever they are:


Play at the Pump gives gas and convenience store retailers the ability to offer lottery purchase right at the gas pump as the customer re-fuels. Ticket purchase is quick – can be done in about 20 seconds – and is a perfect solution for the 70% of people who don’t go into the convenience store. Another bonus? Retailers who deploy Play at the Pump report increased in-store sales thanks to the powerful marketing of lottery on gas pump screens.


What could be easier than adding a few lottery tickets to your basket as you checkout at the grocery store? What could be more fun than waking up a winner, to a text message that lets you immediately access your prize money? With Linq3’s lottery card and technology platform, it’s all about enablement. For instance, we help lotteries improve marketing and increase distribution and sales. We help retailers improve offerings to attract more consumers and increase revenue. And we give consumers a quick and easy way to play lottery.


As long as consumers continue to pay with cash, they’ll continue to rely on ATMs. In fact, half of all payment transactions made today are paid with cash. Our Play at the ATM solution integrates lottery purchase right into the withdrawal transaction, making it convenient for consumers to play, while increasing ATM operator and retailer revenue.


Linq3 continues to integrate lottery in to everyday consumer transactions. Watch this space for how new and exciting channels like mobile, will further re-invent the way consumers play the lottery.

Read our case study

Lottery sales spike as high as 10 percent after Missouri Lottery adopts Play at the Pump™ technology.

Read our case study

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