Friday, October 19, 2018

Atlanta – October 19, 2018 – Linq3 recently enjoyed a successful appearance at the annual North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) conference, held September 24-27 in Cleveland. The four-day event offered valuable opportunities for Linq3 to extend its brand and showcase its product portfolio to lottery directors, retailers and other influential lottery industry decision-makers.

Hosted by the Ohio Lottery Commission, the NASPL conference brings together more than 1,000 lottery representatives, suppliers and vendors for interactive product showcasing and idea generation around the future of the industry.

The annual event served as the ideal forum for the tradeshow debut of the Linq3 Lottery Card™. An evolution of the paper ticketing and payment process that has long been the industry’s stronghold, the Lottery Card digitizes gameplay through a reusable, mobile-friendly gift card format. First unveiled earlier this summer at Kroger stores across Ohio and Georgia, Linq3 will next roll out the Lottery Card in Kentucky on October 15.

Linq3’s immersive booth experience showcased the versatility and merchandising potential of the Lottery Card through a replica retail store and virtual customer experience. The booth also featured informative presentations from a host of retail leaders, including Jarrod Cummins, Head of Prepaid & Gift Services for The Kroger Company; Jessica MacLeod, Senior Manager of Lottery, Open Loop Gift and Prepaid Debit Cards for The Kroger Company; and Daisy Ford, National Sales Manager for Commission Income and Gift Cards at the Albertsons Companies.

The main event at Linq3’s NASPL booth was a joint presentation with Cummins highlighting initial takeaways from Kroger’s Lottery Card launch. Cummins specifically outlined key trends revealed during analysis of the first 1,000 households to purchase a Lottery Card. The results notably include:

“More than half (59 percent) of our initial Lottery Card audience includes households with two or fewer members, which indicates initial successes in introducing lottery games to the target millennial audience,” said Cummins. “If lotteries and retailers are looking for tangible results that show substantial opportunity for increased customer engagement and sales, this launch identifies a great start.”

The NASPL show offered the Linq3 team valuable insights and experiences that will shape the reach and direction of its Lottery Card moving forward. Ahead of the upcoming Kentucky launch, and with new conversations underway, Linq3 is actively working with current and potential customers to develop product awareness and promotional campaigns.

“The Lottery Card is certainly a hot topic right now as retailers and state lotteries continue to look for new ways to innovate the customer experience,” said Mark Smith, CMO of Linq3. “NASPL was a great platform to share some compelling insight from the initial success of the Lottery Card with many lottery directors from around the country, and we expect great things are in store for the Lottery Card in the coming months.”

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Today’s busy consumers often feel they don’t have time to play lottery games. That’s why Linq3 provides a faster, more convenient and secure way to play and win on-the-go. Linq3 is a technology solution provider that holds regulatory approvals and state licenses that allow it to generate and distribute lottery tickets through a proprietary technology platform. Our innovative technology creates an immediate playing experience that engages the consumer – right at the point of sale. Lotteries reach more players, and retailers realize more revenue.


The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) was founded in 1971. Evolving from an informal exchange of information among three pioneering lottery directors, the organization has now grown into an active association representing 52 lottery organizations. Although the Association's membership and services have grown tremendously over the years, its basic mission remains the same as when it was founded more than 40 years ago -- to assemble and disseminate information and benefits of state and provincial lottery organizations through education and communications and where appropriate publicly advocate the positions of the Association on matters of general policy.