Friday, August 18, 2017

Atlanta – August 18, 2017TAG Southeastern Software Association (SSA), one of the founding members of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), has awarded Linq3 an Impact Award. Out of five finalists in the “Independent Software Vendor” category, Linq3 was recognized for leadership demonstrated in bringing new technology solutions to the market.

Recognizing that buying a lottery ticket isn’t as easy as it could be for today’s busy consumer, Linq3 has developed a new and convenient way to play lottery right at the point-of-purchase — from the gas pump and ATM to the checkout lane.

Judges selected Linq3 based on its proven success in providing a more cost effective and broader lottery distribution network, enabling state lottery to sell game tickets through integration with existing POS infrastructure, payment processing networks, lottery game operators, and state lottery systems.

“Every business must stay on top of changes in technology to remain relevant in today’s marketplace,” said Daniel Cage, president and founder of Linq3. “Take today’s convenience economy for example. We rely on Uber for cab rides and AirBnB for lodging. But what about the lottery? Our technology helps lotteries and retailers answer that question by modernizing their distribution, expanding their reach and offering new players a convenient way to play.”

This year’s winners were chosen from among 23 finalists in 5 categories, including technology solutions provider, independent software vendor, corporate internal software development, standout: supply chain and logistics, and emerging mega trends.

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About Linq3

Today’s busy consumers often feel they don’t have time to play lottery games. That’s why Linq3 provides a faster, more convenient and secure way to play and win on-the-go. Our innovative technology creates an immediate playing experience that engages the consumer – right at the point of sale. Lotteries reach more players, and retailers realize more revenue. Linq3: More players. More opportunity. For more information, please visit