Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the worldwide technology leader for retail and commercial fueling operations, announced on Oct. 4 a strategic partnership with technology firm Linq3. Linq3 is the creator of Play At The PumpTM, a product that provides lotteries and retailers with the ability to extend their lottery reach to the forecourt by selling lottery draw games at the pump.

“The Lottery product at the pump is designed to complement what’s happening inside the store. The quick pick only option keeps transaction time extremely fast and has actually proven to boost inside sales by differentiating itself from instant tickets and all the additional lottery products offered inside,” said Travis Bouck, vice president of marketing for Gilbarco.

With more than 80 percent of the fuel purchased at gas convenience stores in the United States and 73 percent of gas customers not visiting inside the store, Play At The PumpTM gives lotteries and retailers a new tool to grow sales and profits. The transaction experience is interactive and supports the busy lifestyle of fuel-only customers. Retailers benefit from the added revenue of accessing these customers and now have a way to communicate promotions and other information.

"We are always looking for exciting new ways to reach new demographics and lapsed players," said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. "By selling our tickets at the gas pump and ATM, we will be able to reach new players and drive those individuals into our retail locations with coupons and second-chance drawings for more prizes. This will be a win-win for the Missouri Lottery, our retail partners and, most importantly, Missouri public education.”

Player conveniences of Play At The PumpTM include texted links to numbers played, win notifications and automatic redemption for winnings under $600, in addition to play limits, age verification and other responsible play features.

“As a technology partner to lotteries, we focus on creating value responsibly and ultimately maximizing the return they provide to their public beneficiaries. As we serve our POS and fuel partners, we strive to create solutions that work for both the retailer and the customer. Gilbarco has been an outstanding partner on all fronts and we look forward to rolling out this exciting solution with them,” said Daniel Cage, chief executive officer, Linq3.

Linq3 is approaching its first full year of operation of Play At The PumpTM in Minnesota. Linq3 and Gilbarco are also launching Play At The PumpTM in Missouri next month with a number of additional states scheduled for 2014.

About Linq3

Linq3 is a technology solution provider working in collaboration with its partners and lotteries to provide a cost efficient, socially responsible and secure new option for lottery sales. The company has offices in Atlanta, Long Beach, Calif., and New York.