Monday, February 9, 2015

(Atlanta, GA - February 9, 2015) - Murphy USA has partnered with Linq3 to introduce Play at the Pump at its locations in Missouri and Minnesota beginning this week. Play at the Pump is an innovative new way for motorists to buy tickets for lottery jackpot games right from the gas pump. Stores in Buffalo, Minnesota and Osage Beach, Missouri are the first Murphy USA locations to go live with the program, and it will then be rolled out to additional sites over the coming weeks.

Play at the Pump addresses the long time dilemma for retailers of how to more effectively reach customers who only come to the station to fill up their gas tank. With this new feature, these fuel only customers will be able to conveniently buy their jackpot game tickets directly from the gas pump without needing to come inside the store. According to NACS, 73% of motorists do not come inside the store so this is a great tool to help retailers grow their revenues at the forecourt.

"We are excited to launch Play at the Pump at our sites and the opportunity it brings to reach new customers for the jackpot games", said Steve Desautels, Category Manager for Murphy USA. "People who have busy lifestyles and are always on the go will now have a quick and easy way to buy their lottery tickets while they fuel up."

The Play at the Pump feature allows motorists to play Mega Millions or Powerball via the gas pump with the same card swipe they use for fuel. A digital ticket is created for each player and is associated with the payment card they use to make the purchase. With this technology, prizes up to the taxable limit (typically $600) are automatically credited back to their payment card. The system also allows the user to enter their cell phone number, which is used to send the player their numbers and also alert them to any prizes they may have won. Now the player no longer has to worry about losing their ticket or forgetting to check if they have a winner. If the player opts to not enter a cell phone number, they will still receive a receipt from the gas pump with their numbers. Age is also automatically verified at the time of purchase at the pump to ensure the player is of age to purchase lottery.

"It has been great working with Murphy USA. They are always on the cutting edge and looking for new ways to serve their customers", said Daniel Cage, CEO. "We value their partnership and look forward to rolling Play at the Pump out at many more Murphy USA sites in the near future."