In developing the Lottery Card™, we focused on where today’s consumers shop, their purchasing habits, and the experiences they seek. We applied the key lessons learned to create a seamless “buy-play-win” lottery experience. Acknowledging that lotteries are beginning to develop omnichannel sales strategies to stay close to all their players and grow their revenue, we created a product to bridge the gap between traditional sales and online sales.

The “Play at the Checkout” solution or “Lottery Card” product – is designed to strengthen a Lottery’s omnichannel sales strategy. The card complements both the traditional lottery sales process and the new online process by combining traditional brick and mortar sales with modern digital play. The Lottery Card is able to convert instore lost sales, tied to customer frustrations with the traditional sales process, and attract new players with an exciting digital play that is better aligned with modern consumer expectations. The Lottery Card also taps into the $130bn Gift Card market opening up lottery to an entirely new market of consumers.

Introducing the Lottery Card™ - BUY, TEXT, WIN!

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