Linq3 provides a fast, convenient and secure way to play and win on-the-go.

Today’s consumers look very different from just a few years ago. With more options competing for their attention, both online and offline, they’re busier – and more demanding than ever before.

But some things never change – they still want to have fun, and they still dream of winning the lottery – if only playing was easier, more convenient and offered an experience that met and exceeded their expectations.

That’s what Linq3 delivers: a fun, convenient and secure way to play and win on-the-go. Our innovative technology creates an immediate playing experience that instantly reaches consumers when they swipe their Lottery Card – with an exciting, engaging, new way to play.

Our patented lottery solution is simple to implement, compliant, secure and reliable – and integrates with all major lottery equipment providers.

For consumers, it’s convenient and cool. For lotteries, it’s a channel to reach new players. And for retailers, it means more customers – and a boost to the bottom line.

However, lottery players and retailers aren’t the only beneficiaries of Linq3’s technology. By helping to drive lottery sales, Linq3 and our partners are contributing to the great causes and charitable initiatives that lotteries support day in and day out.

We will not share your data with third parties.